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MXMG deliver digital platforms to optimise marketing, communication and asset management.

Over the last 20 years, we have produced multiple websites and software platforms for a wide variety of small and medium sized businesses. We focus on connecting people, building in flexibility, and keeping it simple. Dive in.

Our Services

Software Development

In an ever increasingly digitally driven world, we deliver platforms that enhance team performance, drive productivity and profit, and connect people across a range of disciplines, helping everyone pull in the same direction.

Website Development

Developing websites since 2000 has taught us that creativity is important, but usability determines a project’s success or failure. Content is crucial, and we work with clients to create a cogent and long term plan.

Google Ads & SEO

Up to date SEO tools will be baked in to all new MXMG websites, and we can work with you to develop the right content for your audience. Following that, we can do the necessary research to create the most effective Google Ads campaign.

Digital Design

Over the past 20 years we have worked on a broad range of design projects, from helping new brands with logo design to developing a variety of videos and animated explainers for established companies.

Some of Our Work

We have delivered multiple digital products since March 2000. From websites to asset management platforms, each has required a fundamental understanding of our client’s and their user’s needs.

Here are just 3 examples:


A feature rich asset management system that allows managers, crew and owners to manage every aspect of a yacht, including crew, safety, on board maintenance and more.


We have developed a comprehensive CRM for this innovative and fast growing risk management company. Initially drafted in to develop a platform for the sales team, our platform now works across the breadth of the company including Incident Monitoring, ensuring customers are kept up to date with security incidents across their sites.

Yacht Carbon Offset

Yacht Carbon Offset asked us to develop their client management systems to ensure the fantastic carbon offsetting product they offer was delivered in a smooth and user friendly online environment.

When MXMG were asked to design a website for newly built Tekanda Lodge, a coconut and tea plantation near Galle in Soutern …

5G Logo design

It’s the next – fifth-generation of mobile internet connectivity promising much faster data download and upload speeds, wider coverage and more stable …

Social media: a blessing and a curse. A cluster of platforms that can connect and mobilise. That can catalyse change and share …