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Why You Need Google Analytics

Managing website visitor data is crucial for the success of your business. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps you to identify your best content, optimise your user experience, and set target goals.

It is free software that allows you to track where visitors to your website are coming from, and what they are doing on your website, giving you access to all kinds of useful data, like number of visits, average time spent on the site and pages visited. It can also track referral traffic, which is the segment of visitors arriving on your site by clicking a link outside Google, for example a link on another website or via an email.

 How to start using Google Analytics

We set up Google Analytics on all of the websites that we build. The basic version of Google Analytics is free, and there is a paid-for premium version with more features. Contact us to find out more.

 Basics of the Dashboard 

Access to Google Analytics is via an intuitive ‘dashboard’ that allows you to see data about your website and crunch the numbers depending on what you need to know.  You can also create and personalize multiple dashboards.

By default the dashboard generates graphs using data from the last 30 days. You can change this time period, by going to the date drop-down box and choosing new dates. Compare two sets of date ranges, side by side, to see whether the performance of your website is improving.

Viewing data via the dashboard allows you to find out, for example:

  • total number of visitors, page views, percentage of first-time visitors and repeat visitors.
  • how long visitors stayed on a page
  • geographic location of visitors
  • where traffic is coming from, for example which social network
  • which page is the entry point to your website, and where users exit
  • how users are viewing your website (browser version, mobile etc)
  • bounce rate (percentage of single-page visits)

Last week Google announced that Google Analytics now supports tracking of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which will be launched at the end of this month.

Seeing Goals to Improve Performance

You can use Google Analytics to set goals and measure how well your site is performing. A goal represents a completed activity, for example submitting a contact information form, on a marketing or content driven site, or making a purchase on an e-commerce site.

This is a very brief introduction to Google Analytics and the many ways in which it can help you reach your business objectives.  Contact us to find out more about improving your website’s performance.

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