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Why do you need a website specification?

If you want to build a house, you’d probably ask an architect to draw up some plans first, and building a website is no different. Before any development can take place we need a detailed plan of exactly what we are going to build. This planning stage can take a while, as it involves looking closely at your organisation’s business objectives and plans for the future.

When we start working with a new client we ask you to fill out a short but important document which asks questions like

  • what is the main message that you want to convey to your target audience(s)?
  • do you offer specific products or services?
  • what is your mission statement?
  • how will your organisation develop in the future?
  • what is the overall objective for the website?

We also look closely at the detail of what you need, both front-end functionality and behind the scenes. What kind of content is going on the website? How often will it be updated? Do you have someone within the organisation to write new content and keep the website fresh, or do you need a copywriter? Which social media accounts do you need to set up?

Once we have completely exhausted you with our questions we draw up a technical specification which is the equivalent of the architect’s detailed designs, and only then can our developers can go to work. So early planning is crucial.

Do contact us if you’d like to receive more information about writing a website specification.