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What is Social Proof and Why Is It Relevant to Website Design?

A important part of any marketing strategy, social proof is about creating positive influences around your product or brand. Our natural tendency is rely on other people’s approval to confirm that the action we are about to take is the right one. Online, this behaviour means that providing your customer or visitor with the right social proofs will make them more likely to buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter or use your services.

Here are some examples of social proof tools that can easily be incorporated into your website.

Highlight the number of people who use your service

Social proof is about the wisdom of the crowd, so showing how many people have signed up to your website will encourages others to join. For example Mailchimp draws attention to how many people have signed up and how many emails are sent every day.

Reviews from users

Used extensively on many websites like Amazon, Tripadvisor, Yelp etc, user reviews can drive traffic to your ecommerce website and influence a purchase. Reviews eliminate any doubts your potential customer may have about whether to buy your product or visit your business. Reviews are also a great way to attract unique, regularly updated content, which search engines like.

Reporting Customer Behaviour

Amazon does this to great effect, telling you what customers ‘also bought’. Not only does it provide proof that they bought the product that you are looking at, it also encourages you to add other items.

Highlighting the most popular blog or page

This feature is found all over the place now. It encourages people to read what other people are reading. Here’s just one example from


Are you interested in adding social proof tools to your website? Contact MXMG today and ask our advice.

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