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Re-optimising flat content

The more informative content that is placed on your website, the better. So when looking at re-optimising flat or dead content here are a few things to consider:

Keep the URL name. You could create a new page to replace the old page in order to get more pages added to the index. That fine and it works, but It’s smarter to update the existing content so you keep all the authority in one place. The original URL ranked well for a reason, so why spend more time creating a new page? It also works in your favour so that You keep all updates on one URL and don’t compete with yourself.

Revisit your keywords. As you optimize, start considering new keywords in order to capture net new traffic. Use them straight away and incorporate within the existing text. You may need to rewrite a few paragraphs or sentences but its worth it. The way people search changes every day, so it’s likely they’re searching new keywords but wanting the same information.

Fine tune Your Call to Action. As you’re updating your content to be optimised for your users and therefore performing better in search engines, it’s important to make sure that you think through exactly what you want your target personas to do after they’ve read your blog post or other marketing material on offer. This can be promoting a new product or service, or a new offer but make sure that there is a relevant link that will create interest. The key is figuring out how to turn that passive reader into an active participant in your lead funnel.

Promote It Again. As soon as the content becomes more relevant, add it back into your content calendar and schedule: Create a Facebook post, add to your Twitter feed, and try and include it in your next email campaign. If it’s an important enough post consider giving it some placement in a relevant and prominent position of your web-site.


Repurposing content basically finding ways to re-use old content has a number of benefits, such as:

Reaching a Different Audience. Due to the nature of who we are, some of us prefer visual infographics over textual statistics, others choose podcasts over e-books. Reformatting your content for different mediums means appealing to more audiences and extending your reach.

Bringing Old Stories Back to Life. I’ve got a number of old books that I’ve kept on the bookshelf, not willing to remove them just yet because, I know one day I will take them with me on a journey or one Sunday afternoon will pick one up and start reading it again. Just like old films. Repurposing your content puts that old favourite back up front again, this ensures that great content is never forgotten, and put to great use.

All That Effort Should Not Be Lost. When you put a huge amount of effort into a piece of content, you come away with a feeling of achievement. But quality and pride aren’t all that’s required for success. There are all kinds of unseen factors that affect how well a content piece performs, repurposing content ensures that readers who missed your classy blog post the first time around have a chance of seeing it again. It’s a second chance at content promotion.


By starting with this I thought we’d look at what evergreen content is not:

News articles, statistics or numerical reports that are likely to change and go out of date, pieces about a specific holiday or season, and articles focused on a current trend.

For evergreen content to work the content should have no expiration date and ideally will retain its value over the long-term. Anything written about a specific event will become obsolete six months from now and many keywords associated with the topic will end up in the Google graveyard, never to be searched again.

Common Evergreen Formats

So when considering an evergreen strategy for your content try a few of the following: Lists, Top Tips, Instructional “How To” Tutorials, Encyclopaedia type entries, Product Reviews, and Videos These formats tend to work well with evergreen writing. Videos are especially effective when you need to illustrate how to do something, although remember that product reviews will need updating if there is a significant change to functionality, screen shots etc. If videos aren’t possible, consider using a series of images (photos or illustrations, diagrams, etc.) and blend in with the story.


Make Old Blog Posts into Guides

Once you’ve blogged a lot about a specific topic, consider repackaging those blog posts into a fresh new guide. For example, you may have written in the past about how to start a website, another about how important good content is and another on persona creation. You could then put these altogether in a piece on “how to be successful at inbound marketing”

Convert video interviews into great Case Studies

Interviews with customers are a great way to build case studies. From the transcript of the interview it’s possible to build a simple case study and use quotes from the interview that bring relevance to the piece. Get a creative agency to make it fit well and you can even create sales materials too, getting the most out of what was one interview that maybe lost in your YouTube playlist.

Reposition that PowerPoint Presentation and post on Slidedeck

You’ve prepared a lovely PowerPoint presentation to share at your next team meeting. Now the presentation is over, and you hate to see your PowerPoint perfection wasted. You now have a great opportunity to get these valuable PowerPoint presentations repurposed into slide decks with the help of SlideShare. Just edit your slides for a public audience, upload your PowerPoint presentation to SlideShare, and embed the presentation in one of your web pages. Now you have a new piece of content you barely had to work for.


Take your Visual Content and create a Pinterest Board

Do you have some blog posts that are especially image heavy? Make the most of your picture posts by repurposing those images on Pinterest. An example could be a post detailing a project you had worked on matching it up with a new blog post that just brings it up to date with some new insight.

Good luck with repositioning and repurposing your content, it’s going to give your website and communications channels a boost of interesting and desirable content that will really boost those stats and pull in those leads at the top of the buyer funnel.