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MXMG Case study: Increase traffic with better content

MXMG Case Study – Car Dealership

The Rules

There are many business owners who do not realise that re-using product descriptions from a manufacturer on their website means those pages will almost certainly never get any traffic at all from Google.

Why? Google wants to show people diverse results. If two or more pages have duplicate text (or even text that is near-duplicate) then Google will show one and filter out the other, and it tries to favour the original source. A business providing mass-produced products therefore needs to sell these products on its site using its own voice to get search traffic to those products.

Google is also almost certain to regard pages with too little text on them, or text that is too generic, as poor quality. Searchers want information and answers.

The Problem

The client’s marketing team had written their own text, but there were the following problems:

  • in many cases they had re-used the manufacturer’s advertising slogans or parts of the marketing material;
  • the vehicles often had many models that seemed similar but were aimed at different buyers (e.g. singles, couples, young families, big families);
  • many models were very similar under the skin even though they had body variants (e.g. hatchback, saloon, estate, coupe, cabriolet);
  • although there were four brands, all cars were manufactured by the same group and there was considerable overlap between some models between the different brands;
  • pushed for time, the marketing team had written on average only 100 words of text for each model, which was sometimes used for different variants of that model.

As a result, pages in the site had:

  • far too much in common with each other;
  • far too much in common with the manufacturer’s pages;
  • far too little real information on what made this variant or model different from others;
  • far too little text and far too much duplicated text to be considered a quality page by Google.

The Solution

We first researched what made each car different, looking at expert reviews and road tests. We wrote a reasonable amount of text (at the very least 500 words per car, but often up to 800 or 900) and we made sure it was original. We devised a consistent way to present vehicle information, with an ‘at a glance’ introduction to each car, then sections addressing its main selling points. We removed the ‘ad speak’ and focused on real information, accentuating the differences between different cars and helping the customer understand who the car was aimed at, and the family and even group relationship. Finally, we made sure that the pages targeted searchers in the counties local to each dealership that sold the car in question.

The Result

We published new pages on a rolling basis, so the effect was not noticeable immediately. Previously traffic to the  vehicle pages was 25-50 visits a day. This increased slowly over the first few months to 50-75 a day. Four months from launch there was a spike at 150 pages a day for one week, before a permanent jump the next month to between 150-200 a day.

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