Our team

Peel Taggart

Managing Director

Peel started MXMG in October 2000, and has developed web technology for many industries, like Sealogical, a yacht management platform.

Peter Fisher

Research Director

Peter has been something of a search obsessive for many years. He is now tasked with keeping MXMG at the forefront of new optimisation, linking and technical marketing methodologies.

Miles Essex

Creative & UX Director

Miles has been producing web specific graphic design since Tim Berners-Lee had his bright idea. A strong advocate for web specific design, Miles ensures MXMG websites are both creatively and technically successful.

Cara Kerwin


Cara works with Miles to produce graphics and web design for our clients. She plays a major role in ensuring our philosophy of placing UX above all else is seen through to the very final page of a website.

Mark Williams

Senior Developer

Mark has developed hundreds of websites, and has developed MXMG’s own Content Management System which is used for the more complex websites we produce.

Rajmond Burgaj

.Net Developer

Rajmond is a .NET programmer and web developer. He has developed different web-sites and currently is working for Sealogical yacht management platform.

Rudolf Burgaj

Graphic/Web Designer

Rudolf is well experienced on design, starting from a Local TV as Graphic/motion designer, to webdesign and more.